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There might be situations when a cosmetic dental care may be required.

For example, if you've chipped off a small fraction of your enamel. In such a case that teeth damage can be repaired easily with a special filling. If a front tooth is affected or the damaged area can be seen when you smile, a more complex, "bonding", the procedure might be employed. Using a tooth-colored composite material called resin.

Dental Filling and Bonding are quite simple dental procedures. Usually they do not require numbing or any kind of anesthesia applied.

Just with the help of bonding and adhering materials, the damaged tooth area can be easily visually fixed.

Үйлчилгээний Үнийн тариф






Teeth Whitening

A relatively inexpensive way to brighten your smile, whitening teeth can be accomplished at home or in the dentist clinic. 



Composite Bonding

A tooth-colored composite resin attached to the teeth can improve the appearance and strength of chipped teeth.



Porcelain & Composite Veneers

Designed to substitute for tooth enamel, veneers are hard, thin shells of tooth-colored material that can mask a variety of dental imperfections.



Porcelain Crowns

Heavily damaged teeth can be covered with natural-looking porcelain crowns, which replace more natural tooth structure than veneers.



Porcelain Bridgework

A missing tooth can be replaced with porcelain bridgework that is attached to the natural teeth on either side of the space.



Dental Implants

Usually made of titanium, an implant is used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth.


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